Rivne Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Rivne Chamber of Commerce & Industry

We confidently look to the future
and open for business cooperation!


Rivne Chamber of Commerce & Industry — is co-ordinator of inter-regional, co-operative and external activities.

Under the symbolical aegis of Mercury we are comprehensively supporting and assisting the development of business, we are bringing together the countries and the continents, we are orientating the producer and customer, we are the initiators of projects, which have important and strategic sense to the region.

The possibilities of the Chamber are realising in the way of constant dialogue with the business circles, authorities, where the actual problems are discussing and constructive decisions are taken.

To be on the doorstep of the third thousand year we are on the leading positions, but we dont stop on the achieved positions and we constantly looking for better trends, effective forms of business co-operation, extend spheres of our influence and continue the best traditions of history of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the world.

With best regards the president Mykola Yaroshchuk

In order to assist and promote the development of regional economy, external economical links of Ukrainian businessmen, providing auspicious conditions for business undertakings it was created Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 20th of March 1996. — The Chamber is non-state, self-repaying organization which unites about 300 subjects of various business activities.

          Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry passed the proper stages of its formation, closely related to the economic and political processes in the country and to the growth of external economic links. Gained work experience became a peculiar foundation for the growth of authority and strengthening of positions of RCCI, realization of practical measures, by RCCI, in enterprise development, achievement in better job performances with its actual members. The membership base of RCCI has notably strengthened. New enterprizes, organizations and firms, which are interested in stable and prolonged cooperation, amalgamated with it. The RCCI united various enterprises, beginning with the representatives of a small business and to the industrial productions of regional and international significance. All of members, regardless of the form of ownership and scales of production are stable and safe partners in business, quality of products and services of which are acknowledged by the ukrainian and foreign consumers. 
          In a period of activity, since 1996, Rivne CCI has become an effective and competitive business associate for industrial enterprises, businesses and public institutions. 
          Nowadays RCCI is one of the centres of business activity in Rivne region, agrarian and industrial potential of which is well known in Ukraine and outside its limits. 
          The activity spectrum of RCCI is very wide and directed to satisfying wants of both, members of RCCI and other customers and also their foreign partners, namely:
          Development of collaboration with foundations (Eurasia Foundation), Chambers of commerce, associations of entrepreneurs, foreign embassies and trade missions, international organizations.
          Establishment of direct business connections between ukrainian and foreign enterprises, firms and institutions through organization of the business meetings, participation in forums and presentation of certain firms.
          Organization of business appointments with foreign trade and economic delegations and certain representatives of business circles. Organization of set-off of ukrainian delegations abroad.
          Preparation and conduction of business meetings, negotiations, seminars, round-table discussions, conferences, and also presentations, press conferences for the ukrainian and foreign firms and establishments. 
          Organization of collective departures of ventures for prestige exhibitions abroad: Poland (Poznan, Warsaw), Germany (Leipzig, Frankfort on the Main, Nuremberg), Czech Repuplic (Brno), Austria (Linc). 
          Organization in Rivne of specialized presentations of foreign firms from the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Republic of Poland, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia and from the Republic of Hungary. 
          The members of Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry rapidly come into and feel themselves confident on foreign markets due to the effective system of international connections. At present by RCCI were made and act deals on cooperation with Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria), Brest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Republic of Belorussia), Centre of business trips (Ukraine, Kyiv). A collaboration is adjusted with Management of Poznan International Fairs (Republic of Poland), Organizers of international exhibitions in the city of Brno, Ukraine-Czech Republic Presentation Centre (Czech Republic) and with the International Trade Centres of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. The connections are constantly maintained with embassies and consulates of foreign countries namely: Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canada, the Swiss Confederation, Yugoslavia and also with Commercial counsellor Office of Austria Embassy in Ukraine, German ekonomy Spokesman Office in Ukraine, Czech Center in Kyiv and Korea trade division. 
          Having weighed the real possibilities and advantages from activity of honoured representatives, Rivne CCI has decided to found such in London, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin and Hamburg. 
          The basic tasks of the Honoured Representatives of Rivne CCI are: assistance in development of trade and economic relations and investment processes between representatives of enterprise structures, informing of Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry about price, tax and tariff policies, making suggestions concerning the enhancement of efficiency of trade and economic links of enterprises members of RCCI with the subjects of management of these countries, assistamce in organization and development of progressive forms of collaboration, industrial cooperation, conduction of talks, making examinations and contracts, and also making contacts with public institutions, organizations, unions and separate subjects of business activity, assistance in participation of subjects of entrepreneurial activity of Rivne region in commercial and industrial exhibitions and presentational actions, expansion of the information about the activity of Rivne CCI and its members. 

     The Honoured Representatives of Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry abroad: 
          Representative Office in the Republic of Poland, 
                Krakow Bozhena Chernek 
                39A Prof. Bobzhynskyi st., apt. 4 Krakow, 30-348 Poland 
                Home tel.: 48 12 2636635 Office tel.: 48 12 633 60 97 Cell tel.: +48 512 265 269 or +48 668 021 132 
          Representative Office in Great Britain, 
                London Potapchuk Yurii
                 84 Redington House Priory Green Estate London, N1 9QJ 
                Tel..: +44(0)7979357286 E-mail: yuriy_potapchuk@hotmail.co.uk 
          Representative Office in the Republic of Poland, 
                Warsaw Marek Bomze
                 8/3 Mykolaiska st. Warsaw, 02-455 Poland 
                Tel.: /48/698 88 93 00 Fax: /48/817 84 6 E-mail: mb@kim.waw.pl 
          Representative Office in Germany, 
                Berlin, Phd Uve Klenner 
                88 Florashtrase st. Berlin Germany, 13187 
                Tel.: 030 495 00 845 -mail: drkle@web.de 
          Representative Office in Germany, 
                city of Hamburg Oleksandr Samoilov 
                40 Steider st. Hamburg Germany 
                Tel.: : +49(0)1776500665 -mail: alexsas_sam@yahoo.com

Rivne CCI has its own print periodical — newspaper-bulletin Volun-Trade, which covers the main events and facts of the Chamber, information about its activity and services, and also information about activity of members of RCCI, propositions about the co-operation.

Spectrum of advertising services includes also standing presentation Advertising Board

           Rivne CCI is in the permanent dynamics of search of ways of development of external economic connections. Assistance in development of different forms of cooperation with partner organizations of neighbuoring countries is one of the priority tasks of Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Now any sort of cooperation directed to the deepening of cooperation and production connections on intergovernmental level, opens real possibilities for establishing of direct business relations of subjects of management. 
          In practice, Rivne CCI becomes the coordinating and integrating centre of enterprize in the region, business interests guide and safe partner of ukrainian and foreign business circles. 
          Rivne CCI invites everybody to the mutually beneficial collaboration! 
          We are interested in that stable cooperation brought you the expected results.


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