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Geographical position

Rivne region is located in the Nothern-Western part of Ukraine. The territory of it is 20,1 th. sq. km. Its territory from the West to East is - 130 km, from the North to South is - 210 km; it borders with Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Lviv, Volyn regions of Ukraine and Brest and Homel regions of Belorussia. Due to the administrative-territorial division, the region includs 16 districts, 4 towns of submission to region and 6 towns of submission to districts. The population of the region is 1, 2 m of inhabitants, or 2,3% from the population of Ukraine. The average density of population is 59 people per one sq. km. The regional structure of population is: rural - 52,5% out of general quantity, urban - 47,5 %. The wood fund of the region is 853 th. hectares, including wood covered lands - 794 th. hectares, the general stock of wood is more then 100 m m3. Rivne region is rich in surface waters. There are counted 171 rivers at full length of 10 km each, more then 500 of lakes, 31 water savings.

Mineral resources base

There were explored more then 600 deposits of various mineral resourses of the regional significance namely: building and facing stone, chalk, kaolin, field spared raw material, basalt, cement raw materials, the big quantity of peat, sand, bricks and tile raw materials, mineral and stale waters etc., 100 deposits of which are developing. Lately are pointed out the perspectives of finding out the industrial deposits of phosphate raw materials and native cooper. It is the only region in Ukraine which has two explored deposits of precious stone - amber, which is mined by the state enterprise "UKRAMBER". Besides, there are geological exploring works at the 3 platforms. At present, 19 deposits of building stone out of 35 thoroughly explored are developing. The residual explored stock (500 m m3) of building stone provides future development of the industry. There were explored 8 deposits of the facing stone with general stock of 16,5 m m3 on the utmost eastern part of the region. Practical importance have decorative rosy and blue-grey granites of Klesiv and Osmolin deposits, which at present time are in the process of developing and can be used for plates, monuments, memorials manufacturing etc. The development of granites can be widen more, so can be increased the mining of black decorative stones - Vyriv diorites, diabases, gabroides. There is column basalts output of Ivan-Dolynski deposit, which are used in architectonic-building items manufacturing too. There are explored 6 deposits of ashlar and road metal, at the territory of region, with the stock of 45 m m3, 4 of which are in the process of developing, with volume of manual extraction of 800 th. m3.

The world practice as a result of national researches allows using basalt more rationally as a raw material for producing high quality heat-insulating materials and stone casting. The items made of basalt fiber are long-lasting, heat and acid stable and have a small specific gravity. On the basis of basalt fiber is mastered and developed the manufacturing of easy heat and sound insulating materials, which are used in ship and plane constructing industry. There were discovered 6 lots of land with shallow lieing (till 20 m) of deposits of phosphorites with the general resources of five-oxide phosphorus to 10 m tones. The research of the most perspective Milatyn lot is been carried out since second part of the year 2000. Rivne region has the possibility in a 3-4 years to create mineral-raw materials basis of state importance on mining the native cooper, if sufficiently financed. There were spent 1,5 m of hryvnyas for researches of native cooper deposits in year 2000. These works are going to be continued this year. The most perspective directions of researching of mineral-raw materials basis of the region are: basalt complex using, accelerating of works in amber mining, development by the open method of agroores - phosphorites, enlarging of the local raw materials mining for building materials manufacturing and also of mineral waters.

Industrial complex

The leading part of material manufacturing in general in the region takes the industry and agriculture. There are totally 284 industrial enterprises of all forms of ownership, with the annual rate of production about 3 billion of hryvnyas. The structure of industrial manufacturing composes of: electric power engineering - 36,5%, chemical industry 11,9% food industry 16,5 %, building materials and glass products industry - 15%, timber industry 9,0%, machine building and metal processing industry 5,3 %, light industry 0,6 %.

JSC "Rivne High-Voltage Equipment Plant " is the leading enterprize in the sphere of machine building and metal processing. The light industry includes such enterprizes as: OJSC Rivne plant of non-weaved materials, JV Radyvyliv sewed trade Enterprise "Mayak". The chemical industry is presented by the Rivneazot joint-stock company, which produces mineral fertilizers, ammonia synthetic, sulfuric, nitrogen, adipic acids etc. There is also Nuclear Power Station, four working blocks of which give the general energetic power of 1880 mWatt. Timber and building materials industries are also very progressive. The biggest existing enterprizes in this sphere are: Ltd. Svyspan limited, "Rivne match factory", "ODEK-Ukraine Ltd", 11 enterprizes dealing with stone extraction and processing and "Volyn-Cement"' joint-stock company (Zdolbuniv cement roof combine). Food industry is represented by 4 sugar plants, milk processing enterprizes, alcohol plant, confectionary plant etc.

Agricultural complex

The region is characterized by the difficult development conditions of the agricultural industry, especially its northern Polissia districts. Firstly, it is low lands fertility, marshiness and high humidity of the territory, high level land erosion of Southern districts territory, little rate of contour of the lands, and especially radioactive pollution as a result of the catastrophe on the Chomobyl Nuclear Power Station. All of those demand constant fulfilment of agrotechnical , meliorative, antierosial, nature protection, and organizational economical measures to support the productivity of agricultural works. Regional agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership cultivate cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, long fibred flax and produce meat and milk. The average annual quantity of staff occupied in agriculture is 65 th.of people. In the total output structure of agriculture (in all categories of husbantry) the branch of cattle breeding takes 43%; plant growing -57%. At the agricultural sector of the region are functioning 454 newly created private agricultural enterprises, 481 country households, over 200 private households of citizens. Moreover, about 9 th. of peasants expressed their desire to join their lands, in general over 24 th. of hectares, to private households.

Investment activity

Rivne district belongs to the group of investments attractive regions of Ukraine. The attractiveness of the investment climate is caused by the following factors:

    the lucrative geographical position, developed infrastructure of the transportation and connection;
  • considerable industrial potential of the Rivne region and the perspectives of its development;
  • highly developed scientific and technical potential;
  • skilled labor force and managerial stuff;
  • considerable stocks of the natural raw resources that are unique for the state;
  • the developed agro-industrial complex, food and processing industry;
  • the developed market infrastructure, including banking network;
  • providing of the investor with the insurance service for the property, finance, and investments risks by the leading insurance companies of Ukraine and other countries;
  • availability of the own energy capacity.

    Considering the amount of direct foreign investments, the region is on the 14-15 place among the regions of Ukraine. The general scope of direct foreign investments promoted into the regional economy is almost $45,6 m US.

    During the last period of time the most intensive development was observed in glass packing sphere. Due to $25.8 m US that were invested by the canadian company and EBRD, the newest in Ukraine and CIS production of the glass packing was created on the Joint Venture "AD-Zorya". At the expense of own money and due to financial help of the Region Fund of the Support and Development of the home manufacturer the reconstruction of the technical line on the OJSC "Rokytnivskyi glass plant" is being carried out. The availability of the own raw materials base contributes to the development of the sphere. Two deposits of small-grained quartz sand of fluvioglacial origion of high purity, with 3,5 m tones stock, were found in the region.


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